Why Lavatec Laundry Technology?

Lavatec Laundry Technology has established itself in the commercial laundry field with a reputation for delivering dependable machines engineered for higher returns throughout their lifecycles. This dependability stems from an insistence on using the strongest and best materials, expertly crafted and controlled with the type of programming that brings versatility, ease of use and diagnostic capabilities to every application. Especially noteworthy of LLT machinery is the kind of engineering that strives for simplicity.

Critical parts are easily accessible for maintenance with many designs structured to allow retrofitting down the road. As a major manufacturer of continuous tunnel washers, LLT is a rare company that offers centre transfer, bottom transfer and double-drum construction options. The company is also known for its heavy-duty washer extractors, extraction presses, centrifuges, dryers, conveyor systems, feeders, ironers and folders.


Based out of Heilbronn, Germany, Lavatec Laundry Technology is a true global player with equipment in use throughout Europe, the Far East, Africa, South America and North America. In the United States alone the company has over 6,000 machines in place.

Introduction to Lavatec Laundry Technology

Lapauw International

Lapauw International is the European manufacturer of ecological laundry machinery and provides a total laundry solution for all kinds of collectivises: Hotels, Hospitals, Cruise ships, Railways, Automated Laundry businesses, Textile manufacturers etc.

Lapauw International offers a wide range of washer extractors, washing tunnels, presses, dryers, and tunnel finishers and is worldwide known for its full range of flatwork ironers (gas- or steam heated) complete with feeders and folders.

Introduction to Lapauw International